Panel template doesn't render Xarray dataset

Hi holoviz discourse,

I have a short panel function which adds an interactive Xarray dataset in a panel Column if it’s triggered by a parameter. However, I noticed that when I began using a panel Template it no longer renders the Xarray dataset. I only see this when its the Xarray dataset trying to be rendered in the panel template, and I see no errors in the Chrome console. Is this something anyone has seen before or should I go ahead and file a bug report? Reproducing code below

import xarray as xr
import panel as pn

data = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('air_temperature')
col = pn.Column(data)
temp = pn.template.BootstrapTemplate(main=col)
# pn.serve(col)  #uncomment to see how it should render


Appreciate any input, thanks

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I don’t see the any problem with panel version 0.12.6 and xarray version 0.20.2. So try update both.


Thank you! That fixed it. Appreciate it

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