Panel Version 0.11.2 Release

The 0.11.2 release is a micro-release fixing a number of smaller bugs. Many thanks to @Hoxbro, @dhruvbalwada, @rmorshea, @Marc, @fleming79, @OBITURASU and @philippjfr for their contributions to this release.


  • Optimize adding of roots to templates to avoid multiple preprocessing cycles (#2096)
  • Use schema to support date(time) dtypes on Perspective (#2130)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix regression on Video pane causing video not to be rendered at all (#2109)
  • Fix missing closing tag in Fast templates (#2121)
  • Remove bootstrap CSS from FastGridTemplate (#2123)
  • Ensure Tabulator selection can be set from Python (#2128)
  • Ensure changes on ReactiveData objects are scheduled correctly on server (#2134)
  • Fix for Player widget when start value is 0 (#2141)
  • Support single quotes on JSON pane (#2143)
  • Fix divide by zero issues when value_change is computed from zero baseline (#2148)
  • Ensure GridSpec handles overrides across multiple cells (#2150)
  • Fix for loading parameter widget linking (#2160)
  • Use relative URLs for resource loading to ensure proxied apps work (#2159)
  • Fix Tabulator ajax call on empty data (#2161)


  • Fix typo in Binder section of server deployment documentation (#2118)
  • Improve documentation surrounding watch=True in Param user guide (#2120)


  • Ensure IDOM pane configures paths correctly for latest version (#2117, #2132)

Congrats Philipp and Panel community.

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