Panels/holoviews select widgets broken


Just wanted to see if anyone else in the community is experiencing a similar issue.
The panel extension was working great until yesterday when my environment (I’m using python in jupyterlab) received an update of sorts and now my final product won’t display.
It works fine if I remove/change all of the select widgets (drop down menu widgets) however, if I leave them in the program my map does not generate. I ran the code in anaconda as well and the issue remains the same.
Has anyone else been having/had any issues with select widgets in the past?

Thx in advance.

Hi @user1,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I haven’t heard of any issue with the Select widget. Could you report the versions of the relevant packages? And information about your system? Are there any errors raised in your JupyterLab environment?

A few things you could try:

  • make a hard refresh of your page (you can google hard refresh to find out how to do that with your browser)
  • open the web browser console and see if there are any errors reported