param.DateRange with bar_color

I want to generate
param.DateRange(default=bounds,bounds=bounds ) with bar_color=‘orange’ same as
pn.widgets.DateRangeSlider( ... bar_color='orange' )

How can I do that?

You can find how to do so in this section of the Parameter user guide of Panel’s documentation:

pn.Param(CustomExample.param, widgets={
    'select_string': {'widget_type': pn.widgets.RadioButtonGroup, 'button_type': 'success'},
    'autocomplete_string': {'widget_type': pn.widgets.AutocompleteInput, 'placeholder': 'Find a color...'},
    'select_number': pn.widgets.DiscretePlayer}

Or with:

widget = pn.widgets.IntSlider.from_param(Example.param.unbounded_int, start=0, end=100)