@param.depends update order

I was wondering if there is a way to control the order in which @param.depends("arg") statements with the same "arg" are executed?

I am currently using a filename parameter that has to process the data first and then update a plot, when a filename is entered. However, the plot is updating first when the data is not processed, thus returning a NoneType.

Because I cannot create a param of the processed data to watch (tuple of numpy arrays), it cannot be used as a trigger for the plot.
Is there a parameter to change the update order or is the only way to create a dummy parameter to update after the data processing that triggers the plotting?

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I would go with the second option. Creating a param.Parameter or param.Tuple to store the tuple of numpy arrays and then update the plot based on changes to that parameter.

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I just found out there is a param.Array class to store NumPy arrays… That is exactly what I needed.

Because it wasn’t documented in the Param user guide, I didn’t know it existed… Silly me :sweat_smile:

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API Reference Manual — param 1.11.1 documentation (holoviz.org)