Perspective Disappear from Jupyter lab

Suddenly my Perspective stopped showing in Jupyter lab (blank space, no error messages). I can only use show() method. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks!
python 3.9

P.S. Perspective seems quite resource intensive.

df = pd.DataFrame({'id':[1,2,3],'value':[10,20,30]})
ps = pn.pane.Perspective(df)
ps # run but nothing shows

Do you have some sample code?

All my code that previous working stop showing the Perspective widget. Unless i use .show()ā€¦

I just uploaded the image to show the issue. Thanks.

Hmmm. Iā€™d check two things: First, look at the JupyterLab terminal window to see if there are any errors there. Also, open the browser developer tools to see if you see any console errors.

It is hard to see what the problem is without a minimal, reproducible example (MRE).

But it works for me with panel version 0.14.2 and using pn.extension("perspective"):