Pipeline.servable error


I have three classes: Login, Input, Correction and when create pipeline object and add stages
m = pn.pipeline.Pipeline(debug=False)
m.add_stage(‘a’, Login())
m.add_stage(‘b’, Input(user=stage1.output()))
m.add_stage(‘c’, Correction(user=stage1.output()))

and then run

i receive error message: ValueError: failed to validate GraphRenderer(id=‘1471’, …).selection_policy: expected an instance of type GraphHitTestPolicy, got None of type NoneType

I have installed panel 0.11.3.

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Hi @gorkir

Looks like a bug to me but hard to tell without code that I can run.

Make a minimum, reproducible example and post it as a bug on Github.


Suspect this is an old HoloViews version which is used to render the pipeline state graph. Try upgrading HoloViews to 1.14.3.

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I updated Holoviews to 1.14.3. Pipeline works now.

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