Pipeline status color codes

I’m currently experimenting with Pipelines for helping users through a data processing workflow, and I wonder if the color of the nodes can be made more informative? As far as I can see, we have white nodes for state inactive, green for active, yellow for next.

Since the nodes may define a ready member variable (which I actually find a bit of a misnomer, since it suggests “ready for processing” but means “finished with processing”), how about using this to define a status of finished and color the node e.g. black?

Also, I would find it useful to distinguish between unvisited (white) and visited (i.e. instantiated, in case a class is passed to the Pipeline constructor) but unfinished nodes (light blue or grey). My pipeline is ~10 nodes long, and it could well be that the user needs to travel a few steps forward and back to have everything set up as needed. In this case the color codes may help orientation.

Speaking of long pipelines, is there a way to decrease the text size for the node descriptions in the diagram?


These are all very sensible enhancement requests and I’d encourage you to file an issue outlining the improvements you would like to see.