Planning on doing an image viewer with panel

I am looking to build an image viewer with vmin/vmax control options (histogram determination, percentile calculation). Philipp already pointed me to xrviz, but I’d really like to focus on image display first and meta-data second.

I will also need a blink facility, to compare 2 images with each other. What is the recommended (i.e. most performant) way to establish this? Does Holoviz have the ability to blink 2 images or do I have to straight go to Bokeh for this?

I’m of course also interested in any existing projects, no need to reinvent the wheel, if it exists. :slight_smile:

Hi @michaelaye

As I see it as of Panel 0.12 (coming within days I believe) there are three ways

  1. If the image viewer can be created by composing existing panel components then use the new Viewer class.
  2. If you need some sort of HTML/ Javascript but want the simple solution, then use the new ReactiveHTML component.
  3. If you want the most performant and flexible solution go with a Bokeh Extension.

You can grow from one level to the next. So maybe KISS to begin with.

Feel free to continue the discussion here and post code+questions as you go.