Plot doesn't respond to widget changes in


I’m aiming to reproduce one of the examples of the dashboard section in Holoviews in

It seems the plot does not respond to widget changes in the uploaded notebook. I’m wondered if anyone knows how to make it works.


It doesn’t seem like has a live server so the best you can do is to use Panel embedding. You could try something like:

pn.panel(rolling(dmap, rolling_window=2)).embed()



You can read more about embedding in the Panel user guide.

@philippjfr, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve got the same problem when I’m rendering the plots in jupyter book.
FYI, I’ve tried embedding but it doesn’t work in, see here

It seems like you didn’t save before uploading the file because this one works fine. Note however that the file size can grow quickly for embedded contents and the file size limit on is 10MB.

@philippjfr, you’re right! I didn’t save before uploading. Now, it works! Thanks for the assistance and note about the size limit on