Plot polylines with dynamic colormap

I am trying to plot polylines with datashader and geoviews. Below is the code snippet:

path = gv.Path(polylineslist)
plot = geomap * datashade(path, cmap=["red"], width=5)
plot.opts(width=900, height=600)

This plots lines with red color. I would like to plot these lines with dynamic color based on some calculations on the property value of the lines.
Could someone please help?

What property value of the lines? Do you mean a categorical value? In that case have a look at the “Multidimensional Plots” section of the Large data user guide, i.e. use count_cat to refer to that column and provide a color_key. If you want something else you’ll have to be more specific.

0,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.34929 52.45899, 13.34926 52.45915))",2,#ffec00
1,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.32781 52.42269, 13.3293 52.42307))",7,#ffc900
2,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.34553 52.46091, 13.34538 52.46104, 13.34523 52.46116, 13.34508 52.46128, 13.345 52.46133))",88,#ff8100
3,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.31257 52.46296, 13.31311 52.46356))",18,#ffae00
4,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.33764 52.45941, 13.33765 52.46027))",7,#ffc900
5,"MULTILINESTRING ((13.3401 52.44393, 13.33999 52.44401, 13.33992 52.44405, 13.33988 52.44406, 13.3397 52.44413, 13.33951 52.4442, 13.3393 52.44428, 13.33902 52.44437))",258,#ff6300

The sample data is as shown above. I wish to visualize this data on a map using geoviews and the color of the line string should be the value from color column. Currently, I have calculated the color value using the code snippet:

color_value = math.log2( max(total_num, 0.1) )
c = colormap(color_value)

Also, not sure if it’s possible to show the data for total_num on hover of the linestring.
Could you please help?

Update: I tried plotting this with geoviews and was able to plot with the below snippet:

paths = gv.Path(gdf, vdims=['total_num', 'color']).opts(opts.Path(tools=['hover'], color='color'))

Now, I am facing an issue with scaling this solution? It is able to plot quickly for a few records (around 100-200). But, fails to plot records around 30K?
Any solution would be quite helpful

Although the length of all the columns are same, this leads to warning:

BokehUserWarning: ColumnDataSource's columns must be of the same length. Current lengths: ('color', 99), ('total_num_of_messages', 195), ('xs', 195), ('ys', 195)

Update: This issue occurs because we have MultiLineString with multiple points and the 99 records are expanded to ColumnDataSource’s 195 records, but color is a single value.
Please help