Plotly chart shrinks to a few pixels when sidebar checkbox toggles (in)visible

I posted to the HoloViz discord, they sugggested I submit an issue. Not sure what that means. But here is the issue:
For certain aesthetic reasons was using a plotly tab for a dashboard. Using a checkbox to make plots on the tab (in)visible. When I check a plot back to ‘visible’ the space for it on the Tab shrinks to a few pixels, and does not revert to normal until I click on another tab then back onto the plotly tab. Not sure if this occurs with any other plot extensions, and does not occur with hvplots. Temp. fix is to when toggling (in)visibility I just add then delete a pn.Row(). Little harm done then, but wd prefer a proper fix

Alternative to plotly? Was using go.Bar() to make bar plots with custom bar colours, and x axis labels, but would like a holoviews alternative. Trouble with hv was, with hundreds of bars, hvplot by default filled in hundreds of x ticks, and I could not get rid of them. Any solutions anyone?

Submitting an issue means creating an issue on Github: Issues · holoviz/panel · GitHub

The issue should have a minimal, reproducible example (MRE). In general, a complete script only with the essential code, which can be copied/pasted and immediately run as-is with no modifications.

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