Plotly extension color categorical variable

I want to reproduce the plot in with holoviews and the plotly backend.


import holoviews as hv
import as px

df =

boxwhisker = hv.BoxWhisker(df, kdims=['day', 'smoker'], vdims=['total_bill']).opts(color='smoker'), "holoviews_plotly.html")

I get this error

    Invalid value of type 'numpy.ndarray' received for the 'color' property of box.marker
        Received value: array(['No', 'No', ..., ], dtype=object)

The 'color' property is a color and may be specified as:

where I was expecting that the kdim color mapping of 'smoker' would be done automatically. Did I miss something? Is there a better or recommended way to do this differently?