Plotly with Dash or Panel

Is it better to use Plotly with dash or Plotly with Panel? I cannot seem to install plotly on vm1 environment someone helped me create for panel. I have spent large number of hours hacking, but no luck!! I am tempted to go Ploty with Dash, any negatives?

Dash and Panel are both great. For many Dash features you need to upgrade to the Enterprise version which is not free. Here are a few things I like about Panel:

  • Easier to add custom components
  • Easier to deploy as a web app (for free)
  • Amazing built in static site generator with the .save() function
  • Better Jupyter integration
  • Great community

I would argue that the default Dash formatting and styling is a bit more refined and production ready, but Panel is very customizable with the templating engine.

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I agree with the Community part! But I am using Dash for Free. One afternoon, I was able to program RangeSlider, Radio Button, Secondary axis etc.

I do not know about the web app part that seems powerful! But plotly is not working with Panel which is a big bummer for me.

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Again it depends: On preferences, use case, experience and much more.

Some of Dash’s strength are: big community, extensive docs and of course first-class integration with Plotly the plotting library. Personally, I don’t like the way you program the apps with the callbacks, and I feel the apps are a bit slow. I really like that Panel and HoloViz works really well for exploration too. And then there are just so many things in the Panel and HoloViz ecosystem you don’t find anywhere else. The downside of the Panel and HoloViz ecosystem is that it is smaller. So there is less documentation, examples, resources etc.

But as soon as you have invested in one framework it can be a big investment to change. So you often end up living with the limitations of the framework.

Thanks Marc, I am just having difficulty installing plotly in the same Venv as panel!