pn.pane.PDF local file rendering?

I am seeing what appears to be the base64 encoding for PDFs when trying to reference local files. Here is an example that I was doing on lab. If I change to embed=True then it says there was a PDF reading error, but it starts to show the viewer. URLs seem to work fine with the PDF viewer. Any suggestions?

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Hi @petegordon

I believe its a bug and I have reported it here PDF pane shows local pdf as base64 string · Issue #5264 · holoviz/panel (

Thanks @Marc! I looked at the source, and have an idea of what is needed (assuming the base64 encoding as a datauri would work for the embed src). I’ll post on the bug issue, if I make any progress on it.

github source code

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I have too pdf fix by MarcSkovMadsen · Pull Request #5265 · holoviz/panel ( :smile:

That’s awesome! Thanks!

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