Prevent MultiChoice truncation while in search

I have a MultiChoice widget with a lot of data in it.
When user types into the input, a list of items shows, but it is not the full list.
The list is truncated to around 4 items.

How can I disabled said truncation?

Thank you

I had the same issue.
As a workaround you can modify standard option of the ‘searchResultLimit’ parameter of the Choices.js widget. see here:

I also did a pull request in bokeh package to expose this parameter for Python. I guess it will be available in version 2.4.1 (and maybe in a next step in Panel) :

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How would you change said JS file from within the tool?

You can now set the parameter in new Bokeh version 2.4.1.:


fixed here, will be available in Panel 0.13 I think

@ItamarShDev you haven’t provided the actual link to the PR. Could you please edit your post?

Thanks @maximlt

I can’t seems to be able to edit the post.

here is the PR

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