Problem importing import name LinkCallback from 'holoviews.plotting.bokeh.callbacks

I ran into issues while importing ‘holoviews as hv
gv.extension(‘bokeh’, ‘matplotlib’)’. I unistalled and installed both holoviews, bokeh and anaconda but problem could not be solved

Cell In[2], line 7
      5 import geopandas as gp
      6 from shapely.geometry import Point
----> 7 import geoviews as gv
      8 from geoviews import opts, tile_sources as gvts
      9 import holoviews as hv

File ~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\geoviews\
     10 except:
     11     pass
---> 13 from .annotators import annotate # noqa (API import)
     14 from .element import ( # noqa (API import)
     15     _Element, Feature, Tiles, WMTS, LineContours, FilledContours,
     16     Text, Image, Points, Path, Polygons, Shape, Dataset, RGB,
     17     Contours, Graph, TriMesh, Nodes, EdgePaths, QuadMesh, VectorField,
     18     HexTiles, Labels, Rectangles, Segments
     19 )
     20 from .util import load_tiff, from_xarray # noqa (API import)

File ~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\geoviews\
     12 from .element import Path
     13 from .models.custom_tools import CheckpointTool, RestoreTool, ClearTool
---> 14 from .links import VertexTableLink, PointTableLink, HvRectanglesTableLink, RectanglesTableLink
     15 from .operation import project
     16 from .streams import PolyVertexDraw, PolyVertexEdit

File ~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\geoviews\
      1 import param
      3 from holoviews.plotting.links import Link, RectanglesTableLink as HvRectanglesTableLink
----> 4 from holoviews.plotting.bokeh.callbacks import (
      5     LinkCallback, RectanglesTableLinkCallback as HvRectanglesTableLinkCallback
      6 )
      7 from holoviews.core.util import dimension_sanitizer
     10 class PointTableLink(Link):

ImportError: cannot import name 'LinkCallback' from 'holoviews.plotting.bokeh.callbacks'