Problem with New Documentation

The new panel 1.x.x documentation is frustrating. The search is slow(basically broken) and it’s missing essential pages. I can’t find the old panel param page that had so much information about building parameterized classes with param and panel.

The old documentation had a page that showed users how to make a map class and a geometric objects class. I would love to see this page restored. Thank you!

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My feeling is completely different. I love the new documentation so so much.

As is understand it, it shows here Core Concepts — Panel v1.0.2 how to access the functionality with classes and links to an param example Core Concepts — Panel v1.0.2 and to more documentaiton in the explanation Explanation — Panel v1.0.2 and from you get to Declarative API — Panel v1.0.2.

In the explanation under dependencies you have also Panel and Param — Panel v1.0.2 which further links to Declare UIs with Declarative API — Panel v1.0.2

In the how to guide your example with the geometric objects can be found.

My understanding of param and panel was greatly improved by the new documentation and i had the feeling of understanding a bit :smiley: .
But maybe it would be nice to get a link to the how-to section somewhere at the start? like in the API explanation?


I agree, I like it

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Curious if you can share an example of searching being slow; I wasn’t able to reproduce.

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The search is also super fast for me.

Could you share a video of the slow search @LinuxIsCool . It helps so much to see the problem in action.

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One thing I don’t like about the search is it shows the API reference first, e.g.
Search - Panel v1.0.3 (

I want to see an example/guide as the first result–not the internals.

Also, I think the cheat sheet could be improved by adding links to the relevant concept.