Problem with New Documentation

The new panel 1.x.x documentation is frustrating. The search is slow(basically broken) and it’s missing essential pages. I can’t find the old panel param page that had so much information about building parameterized classes with param and panel.

The old documentation had a page that showed users how to make a map class and a geometric objects class. I would love to see this page restored. Thank you!

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My feeling is completely different. I love the new documentation so so much.

As is understand it, it shows here Core Concepts — Panel v1.0.2 how to access the functionality with classes and links to an param example Core Concepts — Panel v1.0.2 and to more documentaiton in the explanation Explanation — Panel v1.0.2 and from you get to Declarative API — Panel v1.0.2.

In the explanation under dependencies you have also Panel and Param — Panel v1.0.2 which further links to Declare UIs with Declarative API — Panel v1.0.2

In the how to guide your example with the geometric objects can be found.

My understanding of param and panel was greatly improved by the new documentation and i had the feeling of understanding a bit :smiley: .
But maybe it would be nice to get a link to the how-to section somewhere at the start? like in the API explanation?


I agree, I like it

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Curious if you can share an example of searching being slow; I wasn’t able to reproduce.

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The search is also super fast for me.

Could you share a video of the slow search @LinuxIsCool . It helps so much to see the problem in action.

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One thing I don’t like about the search is it shows the API reference first, e.g.
Search - Panel v1.0.3 (

I want to see an example/guide as the first result–not the internals.

Also, I think the cheat sheet could be improved by adding links to the relevant concept.

I really enjoyed the old panel param page as it showed the following:

  • Example parameterized class with all parameter types
  • Discussions on extending classes through inheritence
  • Discussions on dependency injection of parameterized classes
  • Example of building a cool maps widget
  • Example of building cool geometry widgets
  • Various nuance detail things, for example, modifying the behaviour of displaying parameterized classes as parameters (triple dot toggle) when rendering with panel

I quickly skimmed the links you shared above and do not see any of the above content, as well as find the layout of the docs super confusing and frustrating, and basically very limited compared to the old version.

The doc search is now fast for me.

But within two seconds of being in the docs I found another buggy behaviour which I have included a video of: 2023 06 23 buggy panel docs - YouTube

The page I’m referring to was here:

Does anyone know how to access this page?

OK, I guess the above page was broken up into the four pages under this section: Declare UIs with Declarative API — Panel v1.1.1