Progress bar does not represent 0 (zero) value correctly

Using panel 0.11.3, the following code yields an animating progress bar, which is the expected result for an indeterminate value.

Expectation is that value=0 would yield a static, empty progress bar. Am I misreading the documentation on the expected behaviour or is this a bug?

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import panel as pn

p = pn.widgets.Progress(name='Progress', bar_color='info', value=0, width=200)
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Hi @_jm

I also had the issue and reported it here Cannot give Progress initial look of value=0, max=100 · Issue #2080 · holoviz/panel ( with a workaround.

A fix has been implemented here and is already merged to the master branch. It will be in the next release Add empty progress bar by Hoxbro · Pull Request #2088 · holoviz/panel (

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