Proof of Concept : Native desktop app with Panel

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I wanted to share with you something I showcased at PyCon Berlin 2022 a few days ago : I have made of proof of concept of how to turn a Panel app into a native desktop app : GitHub - Quansight/panel_desktop_app: Turn a panel app into a desktop app

It requires Panel>=0.13.0rc05, and for the latest improvements on windows, it requires Toga:master (A release with the fixes is planned, I’ll update my repo once it’s done)

The PoC offers zoom buttons and a refresh button, very easy to do with Toga.

Let me know what you think ! I intend on improving this PoC so I’d love to have your feedbacks and ideas :slight_smile:

Have a nice day everyone


Hi @pierrotsmnrd

Thanks for sharing. Could explain the benefits and use cases?

Would this give faster apps? Or just an alternative deployment option? Or…

One great addition would be using the native file choosers instead of the hacky file uploader dialog or server system file chooser
Can you show an example on how one could do that ?