Rasterize does not work for last element in Overlay

I have the following code

        cmap="RdBu", rasterize=True, data_aspect=1.0, geo=True, coastline=True, crs=app.ds_g13c_crs, hover_cols=['TT']
    * g13c_ds.sel(lon=slice(-179.,179)).hvplot.contour(levels=15, cmap="Greens", rasterize=True, data_aspect=1.0).opts(tools=[])
    * gdps_ds.sel(lon=slice(-179.,179)).hvplot.contour(levels=15, cmap="Oranges", rasterize=True, data_aspect=1.0).opts(tools=[])
    title="GDPS - Graphcast 13 CMC Analysis (RdBu)\nGDPS (Oranges)\nGraphcast 13 CMC Analysis (Greens)",

which produces the correct map, but the last element in the Overlay does not get updated on wheel_zoom. I isolated the problem to the last element by switching the order and trying different configurations including directly using hv.NdOverlay and other tricks I’ve seen on the forum. What might be the reason for the bug in the video below?