ReadtheDocs formatting error on any class that inherits param.Parameterized

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I’m struggling to find the best place to post this question, as I’m not sure whether the problem lies with param or ReadTheDocs, but I’ll start here.

Whenever one of my classes inherits from param.Parameterized and I create documentation for it I get what looks like a mini param documentation after the class parameters and attributes but the formatting is plaintext.

Any idea how to turn this behaviour off as it looks really bad when using the documentation.

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Hi @grantty

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I don’t know the cause or how to solve it. But one thing I note is that some of the output is due to “windows” I believe. At least I sometimes see this in my console on windows. And people tell me its a windows issue.

If in any way you can provide something easily reproducible like a minimum reproducible snippet of code or a small repository, then it might be easier for the community to help.

Hi Marc, thanks for the reply,

All my development is on ubuntu and it happens on both building the docs locally (ubuntu) as well as readthedocs building them when it’s uploaded to the repo.

The repo is public but it isn’t small, unfortunately. I’ll try and create an example.

Here’s a small example to reproduce the same output, requiring these 4 small files in a folder. (548 Bytes) (529 Bytes)

index.rst contains:

Welcome to Documentation!

.. autoclass:: example.Example
   :members: example_method

and finally Makefile contains:

SPHINXBUILD   ?= sphinx-build
BUILDDIR      = _build


.PHONY: help Makefile

%: Makefile

It requires installing sphinx, instructions here.

Then simply run make html inside the directory and it will produce a _build/html folder where inside will be an index.html file that will show the following:

Let me know if you have any issues.

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