redime breaks the DynamicMap

hi, as soon as i try to use redim with the following code the display will turn white after setting the first point:

import numpy as np
import holoviews as hv
from holoviews.plotting.links import DataLink

X, Y = np.mgrid[-10.0:10.0:11j, -10.0:10.0:11j]
img = hv.Image((X[:, 0], Y[0, :], X*Y))
#start_data = hv.OrderedDict({'x': [2, 1], 'y': [2, 1]})
start_data = hv.OrderedDict({'x': [], 'y': []})

stream = hv.streams.PointDraw(data=start_data)

dims = dict(
    x=hv.Dimension(('X', 'X'), range=(-10, 10)),
    y=hv.Dimension(('Y', 'Y'), range=(-10, 10))

def snap_points(data):
    closest = img.closest(list(zip(data['x'], data['y'])))
    return hv.Points(closest) 

points = hv.DynamicMap(snap_points, streams=[stream])
table = hv.Table(, ['x', 'y'])
DataLink(points, table)

    img * points
    + points
    + table

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I also failed to use this with points at the beginning.