Removing legend title

import xarray as xr
import hvplot.xarray
ds = xr.tutorial.open_dataset('air_temperature').mean(['lat', 'lon'])
ds['airx2'] = ds['air'] * 2
ds = ds.to_array().rename('test')
ds.hvplot('time', by='variable')

Is there a way to remove legend title variable?

In holoviews, this gives you what you want.

h = ds.hvplot('time', by='variable')

There is a h.redim.label function also but I don’t manage to make it work.

Besides, there is always the possibility to finely tune what you want on the bokeh side of things.

    import holoviews as hv
    from import show
    h = ds.hvplot('time', by='variable')
    fig = hv.renderer('bokeh').get_plot(h).state

This last line indicates what can be changed about the legend:

    {'click_policy': 'mute',
    'id': '2395',
    'items': [{'id': '2396'}, {'id': '2427'}],
    'location': [0, 0],
    'title': 'variable'} 

These next lines yield the desired result:

fig.legend.title = ''