Removing the header bar


I am looking to remove the header of one of the template I am using. I understand that there are a lot of dependancies across the different elements and it makes sense that removing the header directly in the HTML file is not the way to go. I was wondering if this was possible using an existing template or if I had to build another from scratch.

Thank you for your time.

Right now there’s no easy way to drop the header but if you file an issue it should be a whole lot of effort to allow users to disable the header on existing template.

Makes sense. The reason that I am trying to do that is that I have a lot of trouble trying to apply the css classes position: fixed on some dashboards elements and the sidebar appears to support it quite nicely.

Do you have any documentation or help regarding creating one’s own template ? Or should I just build a really simple html page that stores the css classes that I need and the different objects ?

Interesting, I found in an old thread that I could add the following class
{ position: fixed !important} and it seems like it overrides bokeh/panel fixed css classes. I think it might do the trick for now.

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