Rendering Issues and 'Add Cyclic Point'

Hey guys,

I have some problems with rendering using a dynamic map. At first it seems that the borders of the plot are getting rendered even though it’s not supposed to. After zooming in and out it works again.

Before and after zooming in:

Additionally sometimes the update gets stuck in the center of the plot:

I’m not sure if this is already a know bug or it’s some coding issue. Maybe someone has an Input for me :slight_smile:

At last I was curious if there is a ‘Add Cyclic Point’ function that could fix the small white stripe at the top of the plot? If anyone hast some good Idea for me, I’d be glad to hear it.

Code wise I’m plotting a trimesh using geoview:

def func(self, time, idx):
        self.verts['value'] =[self.attr][time][idx]  
        points = gv.operation.project_points(gv.Points(self.verts, vdims=['value']))
        trimesh = gv.TriMesh((self.tris, points),crs=ccrs.Mercator())
        return trimesh

def plot_(self, attr = 'pres'):
        s = rasterize(hv.DynamicMap(self.func,kdims = ['time', 'idx'])).opts(colorbar=True, 
                                                                          cmap = 'cividis',
                                                                          #clim=(0, 12e3),
                                                                          alpha = 0.8, 
                                                                         ) * gf.coastline * gf.borders * gv.Feature(Data_vis.graticules, group='Lines')