Resample_geometry not working with projection

I want to create a map with features such as coastlines, borders, states/provinces, and lakes. A few months ago, I was using gv.operation.resample_geometry on those features and it worked perfectly with my maps. However, at one point a few weeks ago, with more recent versions of geoviews/holoviews, it stopped working.

I only have this problem when I use a projection (in this case crs.GOOGLE_MERCATOR) and rasterize=True, but when I do, as soon as I move around or zoom in the map, the features disappear.

import geoviews as gv
import hvplot.xarray
import xarray as xr
from cartopy import crs

xr_ds = xr.tutorial.open_dataset("air_temperature").load().isel(time=0)

plot = xr_ds.hvplot.quadmesh(

feature = gv.operation.resample_geometry(gv.feature.coastline.geoms("10m")).opts(

plot * feature
  • Holoviews: 1.17.1
  • Geoviews: 1.10.1
  • HvPlot: 0.8.4
  • DataShader: 0.15.2

The map after zooming in:

Is it something I’m doing wrong, or is it a problem with resample_geometry?