Responsive dashboard

My question is related to responsive dashboard. Namely my app is responsive in width. But in mobile phones as i understand responsivness i expect all charts to be in one column. How to do it in panel or i have to write separate panel code for mobile devices in one column.

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Additional information: for charts i ise Altair and for thematic map bokeh

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Hi Göran

There is currently not a layout or grid in panel which is responsive across devices.

There is a feature request for a responsive grid here

Please like to give it a higher priority.

What you can do is to use a template and a css/ js library that provides a responsive grid.

There is an example notebook of using the material grid in this PR The notebook example is here

Please like the PR if you think it’s important to add to the gallery of examples.

Please keep us posted to learn how it goes.

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A responsive layout called FlexBox is coming in the next release. Sneak peak here Flexbox — Panel 0.12.0a11 documentation