Rome in transit (GTFS)

Hi there! :grinning:
I share the source code of a Panel dashboard that I built few weeks ago:


This dashboard displays the real-time position of any bus, tram, or train (ATAC and Roma TPL operators) within the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital. The “stream layer” updates dynamically via a Pipe stream every 10 seconds.

Deployed on

What I’ve done here

  • Loaded custom Python code from GitHub;

Hi @ivandorte

Thanks for sharing. It looks like an amazing piece of work.

On my end the requests though cannot get through due to CORS.

Thus I do not see any data

One solutions could be to ask to enable using their data from applications like yours by adding the missing CORS headers. I just did asked something similar for KLIFS - the structural kinase database and they just did it.

I hope you get it working. Really learned a lot from looking at your code and how you import extra python files and also custom built wheels.

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Hi @Marc,
thanks for the feedback :grinning:. I sent a request to Roma Mobilità (social networks, forums, etc…) to enable CORS headers on their resources. In case of negative response, I will change the GTFS feed URL.

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I really like this @ivandorte great work :+1: and one day I hope my busses will open up their live positioning data too


The app is working for me:

Cool stuff :+1:


The above CORS issue is on windows with Edge.

I then tried with Firefox. But there is another issue.

Maybe the CORS issue is related to some internal security in my organisation. If I try to open the link in the error above I see

Yes probably. The app runs fine for me on my default Firefox browser.

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