Sankey plot, node labels and node order

For the Sankey plots, I have two questions.

(1) How do extract the node order from the sankey plot?
(2) How do I mask the numerical suffix of the node labels?

I am using this json data, which I read into a pandas dataframe called data, using pd.read_json. And I am using holoviews version '1.13.0a21.post9+ge61bf826', with the bokeh backend, in a jupyter lab environment, with python 3.7.1.

import holoviews as hv
import pandas as pd

	Source	F	Count
0	Fund_0	Project_113	0.138833
1	Fund_1	Project_113	0.115409
2	Fund_1	Project_273	0.093115
3	Fund_1	Project_170	0.063788
4	Fund_1	Project_25	0.062663
%%opts Sankey [height=1800, width=1800, node_padding=5, label_position='outer']
qq = hv.Sankey(data)

Which results in this figure:

I attempted to extract the node order, from the Nodes element.'x>8').sort_values('y').head()

Gives the following:

	x	y	index
47	992.5	-0.015472	Project_28
49	992.5	9.955869	Project_41
2	992.5	19.307078	Project_113
3	992.5	28.253688	Project_273
4	992.5	37.524019	Project_170

This node order does not match the displayed order, were the display shows Project_41, and then Project_28 as the two highest i.t.o y-coordinates, while Project_113 is third from the bottom. So I am not sure how to extract the order programmatically.

And I would like the nodes to be displayed without the text label. I have seen this notebook, but was not sure how to adapt that to my scenario.

Thanks in advance for any advice, or direction, that anyone can provide :slight_smile: