Saving with modified labels

hi there. i am working with holoviews and i am having some problems trying to save some svg’s when the figure has modified x and ylabels. i don’t know if i am not able to save svg if the axis labels are modified or whatever.
here is the code i am using.

plt_kt = hv.Curve(df_nos_benson['spearman'], label = "UHec - Benson")*hv.Curve(df_nos_vc['spearman'], label = "UHec - Vector Centrality")*hv.Curve(df_vc_benson['kendalltau'], label = "Vector Centrality - Benson").opts(
    width = 1000, 
    height = 650, 
    title = "Comparativas con Spearman", 
    fontscale = 1.5,
    xlabel = 'Top K nodos', 
    ylabel = 'Spearman')
file = pathlib.Path("top_k_vc_nos_benson_5_sp_2.svg"), filename = file, backend = "matplotlib", fmt = "svg")