Sharing a simple app for tracking analysis. [Contributions welcomed]

Hi All. I wanted to share a simple app that I have been working on the last couple days for quick assessment of results from a 2D cell tracking algorithm. There are some issues and lots of ways this could be made better, but I am afraid this is how far I can go without others help. Please feel free to PR your ideas or create new issues in the repo: trackins.

I hope this also serves as an example for other starting to learn about Panel.



Really awesome @vianamp. Thanks for sharing.

My ideas for you would be to 1) Write a little bit about the domain in the top of the app. What am I actually seeing? 2) Eventually wrap it up in a nice Template.

server=pn.template.VanillaTemplate(title="2D Tracking Algorithms", main=[gspec]).show(port=5008) 


pn.template.VanillaTemplate(title="2D Tracking Algorithms", main=[gspec]).servable()

And @vianamp

I want want me to deploy it as a live app at let me know.


Hi @Marc. Thanks for the feedback. I will expand the doc a to provide more details about the data. I am not sure how to address your 2nd point “wrap it up in a nice template”. Would you be able to help with that? Also, did you notice that when the checkbox “Display volume variation” is unchecked the data is no longer shown in the plot? I am not sure how to fix that.

I believe that after a few iterations, we could get something nice to deploy at :wink:

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Very nice!

I think this could also be a nice example on

The repo is here and I would be happy to help build it into a project there (assuming the necessary data can be made public).

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Sounds great.

Regarding the Template its as simple as

pn.template.VanillaTemplate(title="2D Tracking Algorithms", main=[gspec]).servable()

and shown in the video above. You can find the documentation for the VanillaTemplate here

And with the next version of Panel the FastListTemplate and FastGridTemplate that I am using at should also be available directly from within Panel.

Right now they are available from the awesome-panel-extensions package. Undocumented though.