Sizing Layouts with mouse

Hi everyone

Does Panel support sizing layouts by dragging on the borders (like in most apps)
I probably overlooked this as I would be quite surprised if Panel doesn’t support this uber basic UI functionality… .

The GridStack seems to do this at first sight, but it behaves very weirdly compared to the basic sizing of layouts

I believe the GoldenLayout template gives you that: GoldenLayout — Panel v0.13.1

like in most apps

Are you really sure about that? This is not my experience. Of course it doesn’t mean that Panel shouldn’t get better at that :wink:

Ok, Thanks for the quick response.

I checked the GoldenLayout.
The sizing of the, in this case, sidebar seems to be done in separate HTML and Javascript.
I’m used to pyqt and do not have experience with those.

Could anyone help me to get going please?

How can we make the columns and rows resize interactively (using eg the mouse) in this example.

import panel as pn
from pandas import util

pn.extension(sizing_mode = 'stretch_width')

df= util.testing.makeMixedDataFrame()

tabel1 = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df)
tabel2 = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df)
tabel3 = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df)

view = pn.Row(pn.Card(tabel1, title='001'), pn.Column(pn.Card(tabel2, title='002'),pn.Card(tabel3,title='003')))