Smooth chart re-rendering in ECharts

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Ever since the panel updated to version 1.3.5, it appears that the smooth re-rendering feature has vanished in echarts. I’ve included a straightforward example showcasing how the line and bar charts update in echarts based on the selected number in the widget for both panel 1.3.4 and panel 1.3.6. I truly appreciated the smooth echarts animation that was available in the previous panel version. Could someone provide guidance on how to enable this smooth animation with the new panel version?
With panel==1.3.4

With panel==1.3.6

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import panel as pn
import random
from pyecharts.charts import Bar

bar1 =pn.widgets.RadioButtonGroup(options=[10, 50, 500,1000] )
bar2 = pn.widgets.RadioButtonGroup(options=[10, 50, 500,1000] )

def plot(bar1, bar2):
    my_plot= (Bar()
        .add_xaxis(['Helicoptors', 'Planes'])
        .add_yaxis('Total In Flight', [bar1, bar2])
    original_list = [5, 20, 36, 10, 10, 20]
    random_values = [random.randint(1, 10) for _ in range(len(original_list))]
    echart_bar = {
        'title': {
            'text': 'ECharts entry example'
        'tooltip': {},
        'legend': {
        'xAxis': {
            'data': ["shirt","cardign","chiffon shirt","pants","heels","socks"]
        'yAxis': {},
        'series': [{
            'name': 'Sales',
            'type': 'line',
            'data': [x * bar1*bar2*random_values[i] for i, x in enumerate(original_list)]

    return pn.Column(pn.pane.ECharts(my_plot),pn.pane.ECharts(dict(echart_bar, responsive=True)))

    pn.Column(bar1, bar2),
    pn.bind(plot, bar1, bar2),
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Hi @svvoronin

Please post this as an issue on Github. Include the videos and the code example.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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Dear @Marc,
Thank you for your prompt response. The issue has been reported on Github Smooth re-rendering feature has vanished in echarts after panel==1.3.4 · Issue #6134 · holoviz/panel · GitHub

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year!


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