Specifying Favicon for standalone HTML

It is a small detail, but setting the favicon feels like it contributes a lot to having a professional looking app. As it stands now the only way that I am aware of to set the favicon is by setting the parameter in a template. Since I am exporting the app to a standalone HTML and templates are not yet supported for this I need to find another option.

There is the --ico-path option to use when launching an app from a bokeh server, but I have not gotten this to work and I do not think it would carry the path over to a standalone file as well.

--ico-path ICO_PATH Path to a .ico file to use as the favicon.ico, or 'none' to disable favicon.ico support. If unset, a default Bokeh .ico file will be used

Is there another work around? Can I change the default path for the HTML from the one below?

Thank you for any possible help!