Startup optimization of session for panel server embedded in web app

I have an application originally written as a bokeh server app that is embedded in another web framework (e.g. Flask/gunicorn). This has been successfully refactored into a combined panel/bokeh application which I can also serve through Flask/gunicorn. See Panel Discourse Topic 978.

The purpose of this topic is to seek advice on what possibilities exist to speed up the time it takes to start a client session.

In the pure bokeh solution, the process to add roots to a document D is accomplished as follows. Per the profiling information this takes approx. 0.5s on the server computer.

_ = [D.add_root(r) for r in C.roots]

The corresponding step in the panel/bokeh implementation creates a panel Column from a list of panel viewables and invokes server_doc() on the bokeh document D so that the items are added to the client’s web page. This takes approx. 2s on the same server computer.


Are there any tips to try to bring these two closer to parity in terms of execution time?

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Interesting, thanks for reporting this. Could you maybe file an issue? I suspect this is to do with longer import times. We should look at reducing the import time of Panel to bring it to parity with Bokeh.

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A very basic comparison already reveals the following:

    500948 function calls (470340 primitive calls) in 0.585 seconds
    974795 function calls (933802 primitive calls) in 1.386 seconds

We should aim to get those as close to parity as possible.

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