SymPy parametric-interactive plots

Hello everyone,

I created a plotting module for SymPy (a symbolic computation library) which integrates various plotting libraries (Bokeh, Plotly, K3D, Mayavi, Matplotlib).

Most importantly, I used:

  • param to dynamically add the necessary parameters of the symbolic expression being analyzed.
  • panel to create parametric-interactive plots, which are useful to analyze and understand the influence of each parameter during the research/design stage.

Here are a few links:

Note that Binder is missing Mayavi, because I was unable to set it up… Therefore, if you find an error in the notebooks about Mayavi, just comment out those lines of code! :slight_smile:


Hi @Davide_sd

This looks really cool. I also found this one


But where do I find the application you show above?

It should be in tutorial-5, Example 2 :slight_smile:

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