Tabulator display with hierarchical=True

When using a multi-index dataframe with hierachical=True, Tabulator does not show anything in the index column.

As per docs at Tabulator — Panel v1.4.1

from bokeh.sampledata.population import data as population_data 

pop_df = population_data[population_data.Year == 2020].set_index(['Location', 'AgeGrp', 'Sex'])[['Value']]

pn.widgets.Tabulator(value=pop_df, hierarchical=True, aggregators={'Sex': 'sum', 'AgeGrp': 'sum'}, height=200)

If you toggle an index however, you get the first index and it remains. You can’t go back to the blank index row.

I would like the first level to be displayed on the initial display. Not sure there is any way to control the state of the expansion.

This is indeed a known bug Tabulator nested / hierarchical rows not rendering correctly in versions 0.13.0+ · Issue #3564 · holoviz/panel · GitHub.

Thank you for the info. Tabulator is awesome.