Tabulator issues are show stoppers

There are 58 open issues related to component tabulator of label bugs. I am using this component extensively in my applications so this is getting to be a show stopper for my users.

Tabulator issues marked bugs

Its a complex component so I don’t even know where to start to workaround the issues (selection, esp. when sorting and filtering)

Any roadmap on when some of the major ones are going to be tackled?


Hi @dwr-psandhu

Try asking the question on discord. It think its better suited for those kinds of discussions and where the core developers will respond quicker.

Personally I’m using Tabulator all the time without issues. But I’m not using selections a lot.

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Thanks @Marc. I will do so.

The issues i am having have more to do with selection especially after sorting and filtering which are very useful to narrow down a large dataframe. I have worked around a couple of those by accessing internals but others have to do with the selection event handling.

I will engage on Discord then…

See current Github issue here: Update Tabulator to 6.2.1 by hoxbro · Pull Request #6840 · holoviz/panel · GitHub

Reach out directly to the maintainers or contributors of the Tabulator project. Sometimes direct communication can provide insights into the status of certain issues or upcoming fixes. As a last resort, if the issues are severely impacting your users and no resolution seems forthcoming, you might need to consider alternative components that offer similar functionality without the bugs.