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Hello Holoviz,

We have been using Tabulator extensively, but do not manage to get the Min Max header filter working properly inside our Tabulator objects, could you please provide us with a simple example if this feat is possible utilizing panel’s integration of the Tabulator?

The header filter example that we get from the documentation can be found through the following link:
Examples | Tabulator


Thank you very much for your help!

Maksym Symonyshen

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Hi @maksym_symonyshen

Welcome to the community. I took a look and can see the Min Max header filter is using custom javascript. I have not seen that supported with Panels Tabulator.

If you would like that functionality supported please post a feature request on Github.


Hello Mr. Marc! Thank you very much for your kind message. At the end we overcame the issue by using Function based filtering and using pn.bind to allow the user to adjust the min max filter.

I wont post a request on Github, but in the future if more users ask for it, I will for sure :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Maksym Symonyshen

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