Tabulator resets view if no results in header filter


I find the header filter of Tabulator widget very useful.
Unfortunately if I want to filter a max value (or string) of a column that is very much to the right and I have to scroll to, and this value is a high number, for example 1000, during input the search string is updated and if I enter the 1 and there is no value below 1 in the table, then the Tabulator view is updated and moreover the view is reset to the first column. So I have to scroll to the column again an sometimes it is hard to find. Maybe this is a wanted behaviour, but me and other users that use my app would expect a behaviour, that in any case, if I input something in the header filter then the view stays at this column.
I updated to current panel 0.13.1rc3.

Here a minimal reproducible example, I hope it is clearer what my “problem” is :slight_smile: scroll for example to the right to column “K” and put in a number (view is reset to column A and it would be nice if the view stays at column K):

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import panel as pn
df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(500,1000,size=(50, 11)), columns=list('ABCDEFGHIJK'))
filter_editors_numbers = {number_column: {'type':'number','func':'<=','placeholder':'Max value'}for number_column in df.select_dtypes(include=["int"]).columns.to_list()}
tabulator_table = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df, header_filters=filter_editors_numbers,page_size=10,sizing_mode="stretch_width",pagination="local",frozen_columns=["index"])


Thanks for the example! And I agree. Could you open an issue on Github?

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Sounds good, thanks.
I opened an issue:

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