Tabulator Styling with hierarchical=True not working

Dataframe type styling does not work on Tabulator when using hierarchical=True
Removing hierarchical=True and the styling works.

def color_negative_red(val):
    Takes a scalar and returns a string with
    the css property `'color: red'` for negative
    strings, green otherwise.
    color = '#FF0000' if val < 0 else '#03C988'
    return 'color: %s' % color

df_pos_tab_info = pn.widgets.Tabulator(df_clean_pos_info, hierarchical=True,theme='midnight',hidden_columns=['index'], 
layout='fit_data', disabled=True, formatters=formatters_info, 
pagination='local', page_size = 20)

# not working with hierarchical=True

.map(color_negative_red, subset=['NetProfit'])

NetProfit should be green and red in the left table