Tests are failing with timeout error

Python version:

Expected Behavior:
All tests have to run successfully.

Actual Behavior:
One test case is failing in aarch64 giving the following error:

============ FAILURES ============================
_______________________________ test session _______________________________
TimeoutError: Cell execution timed out
------------------------------ Captured log call -------------------------------
ERROR traitlets:execute.py:499 Timeout waiting for execute reply (300s).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Steps followed to setup the testing environment:
    Install miniforge then create a conda environment and install the dependencies via conda and pip in the conda environment.

  2. Command used to run the test cases:
    doit test_all

Can you suggest any resolution for the above issue?

We do not currently support Datashader on aarch64, as it has previously not been supported by llvmlite and Numba. If that’s changed recently, we could consider adding support, but we would need someone who has access to aarch64 machines to patch any Datashader issues that arise on that platform.

@jbednar, for aarch64, llvmlite and Numba is available in ‘numba’ conda channel. I will be helping you adding aarch64 support in datashader. As initial steps, I am trying to run all the test cases on aarch64 machine locally and blocked with the above issue. Can you please help me in resolving the same?

Can you please help me in resolving this issue?

I’m not sure how mature or complete those packages are for aarch64, but in any case as I said, we on the Datashader team don’t currently have access to aarch64 machines, so we don’t have a way to reproduce that error or try to debug it. I’d recommend isolating it to a particular test, then extract a minimal example that reproduces it, at which point it could be given to the Numba team (if aarch64 is now claimed to be complete and supported) or raised as a Datashader issue otherwise.

Hi @jbednar,
I tried debugging this issue. It looks that the execution time for nbconvert on aarch64 is longer than what it takes on x86. I increased the timeout to twice in /root/miniconda/envs/test/lib/python3.7/site-packages/nbconvert/preprocessors/execute.py after line no. 552(deadline = deadline * 2) and the test case is passing successfully.

Can you suggest any resolution for it?

Can you please help me with the issue described at here