Text Alignment in HTML Pane

I’m noticing some unexpected outcomes when varying the text-align CSS property in an HTML pane. I’m trying to center text within an HTML pane and kept noticing what looked like a misalignment. Adding a visible border to the pane helped clarify indeed that there is an offset. See the following.

On a whim, I thought I’d check to see what happens when I set text-align to left and right. Strangely enough, I’m seeing a bias to the right in both of these results. For left justified text, it doesn’t go quite to the border. For right justified text, it goes a bit farther to the right. Similarly, the centered text is biased to the right.

Am I missing something? Or is something truly unexpected happening here?

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Could you file this as a bug on Github?

I sure will.

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Issue posted here: Text Alignment Issue in HTML Pane · Issue #5246 · holoviz/panel · GitHub

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