Texture missing in pyvista plotter in Panel

I am experimenting with the new pyvista feature for importing gltf models and trying to display them in Panel vtk view. My model contains texture which displays fine in pyvista viewer ( pyvista.Plotter().show() ) but when I use the same plotter in Panel the model geometry shows correctly but texture is missing.
Is this problem caused by Panel, pyvista or vtk module? Is there any way to fix this?

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Do you have a minimum, reproducible example? That would help any one trying to help. Thanks.

Here is a reproducible example using pyvista’s gltf example model.

import pyvista
import panel as pn
from pyvista import examples

helmet_file = examples.gltf.download_damaged_helmet()
pl = pyvista.Plotter()
#using pyvista viewer
#using Panel view
vtkpan = pn.panel(pl.ren_win)
pn.serve(vtkpan, threaded=True)