Time slider not working when utilizing panel

When I use panel dropdowns to select variables and update a geoviews plot using example data, the time slider fails to pop up even though it is being specificized when creating the geoviews dataset. When I just plot the data without going through the steps of selecting variables from my panel app, the time slider works and is visible without issue.

Here are the libraries versions:
bokeh 3.1.1
holoviews 1.16.2
geoviews 1.10.0
jupyterlab 4.0.2

Here is the example notebook:
holoviz_examples/time_slider_issue.ipynb at main · Michael-Barletta/holoviz_examples (github.com)

It definitely seems like a bug. Can you please open an issue on Panel?

A work-around for now is to wrap the output in pn.panel

            a = (gv.tile_sources.OSM().opts(frame_width=700, frame_height=400)  * (QM_raster.opts(tools=['hover'], axiswise=True, cmap='coolwarm', colorbar=True, clim=(-30,30))))
            return pn.panel(a)