Two asynchronous streaming plots causes flickering

I am trying to show two real-time data streaming plot with the code below. When I use one of them it works fine, but when I add the second they flicker simultaneously.

I discoverd is has something to do with the x-axis range. I added added range limits in the callback and it seems that changing the range of one of the plots changes the other as well. How can that be? They are completely separate right?

import panel as pn
import numpy as np
import holoviews as hv
from holoviews.streams import Buffer
from tornado.ioloop import PeriodicCallback
from tornado import gen


count_1 = 0
count_2 = 0
buffer_1 = Buffer(np.zeros((0, 2)), length=50)
buffer_2 = Buffer(np.zeros((0, 2)), length=50)
plot_1 = hv.DynamicMap(hv.Curve, streams=[buffer_1])
plot_2 = hv.DynamicMap(hv.Scatter, streams=[buffer_2])

def callback_1():
    global count_1
    count_1 += 1
    plot_1.opts(xlim=(0, 200))
    buffer_1.send(np.array([[count_1, np.random.rand()]]))

def callback_2():
    global count_2
    count_2 += 1
    plot_2.opts(xlim=(0, 100))
    buffer_2.send(np.array([[count_2, np.random.rand()]]))

PeriodicCallback(callback_1, 800).start()
PeriodicCallback(callback_2, 1000).start()

panel = pn.Row(plot_1, plot_2)

I figured it out myself. Plots in the same panel apparently share axes by default, so the auto-rescaling of plot 1 is applied to plot 2 and vice versa. The solution is to stop sharing axes like so: plot.opts(shared_axes=False)