Unlink axes

It seems like by default holoviews links axes across all plots. My plots are not related so linked axes dont make sense and I often cannot see data for 1 plot. Is there a way to unlink them and also not link them by default? I would rather selectively link them when it makes sense.

The solution to turn them off by default is this:

    hv.opts.defaults(hv.opts.Curve(axiswise=True, framewise=True, shared_axes=False),                                  
                     hv.opts.Scatter(axiswise=True, framewise=True, shared_axes=False),                                
                     hv.opts.Image(axiswise=True, framewise=True, shared_axes=False),                                  
                     hv.opts.Histogram(axiswise=True, framewise=True, shared_axes=False))

To unlink the axes of plots in a Layout, use the option axiswise=True

h=hv.Curve([ 1, 3, 2, 5])+hv.Curve([30,20,50,10])
h.opts("Curve", axiswise=True)

For the hv.Layout, there is also a shared_axes=False option

h=hv.Curve([ 1, 3, 2, 5])+hv.Curve([30,20,50,10])
h.opts( shared_axes=False)

To unlink the axes in a hv.HoloMap, use framewise=True

Alternatively, you can give your axes different Dimensionsā€¦

To set options, there is hv.Options and hv.Store which I do not useā€¦