Updating FastGridTemplate contents with a Selector

I’m trying to update the contents of the GridSpec in the FastGridTemplate depending on the value of a Selector in the sidebar. I have a callback which updates template.main and I can verify that the objects dict of the GridSpec is updated as well as the _render_items on the template.
However, I don’t see the panel changing as I change the selector value. I do see the update if I change the value and refresh the browser.

Is it possible to trigger a redraw of the template in my callback to get the behavior I want?

Here is my code:

import panel as pn
template = pn.template.FastGridTemplate(save_layout=True)

markdowns = {
    'md1': pn.pane.Markdown(object='Markdown 1', name='Markdown 1', background='#f307eb'),
    'md2': pn.pane.Markdown(object='Markdown 2', name='Markdown 2', background='#23d7f5')

select = pn.widgets.Select(value='md1', options=['md1', 'md2'])

template.main[0, :2] = markdowns['md1']
template.main[1, :2] = pn.Spacer(background='orange', margin=0)

def _update_main(*events):
    md = markdowns[select.value]
    template.main[0, :2] = md
    for k, obj in template.main.objects.items():

select.param.watch(_update_main, ['value'])

I’ve tried also the Bootstraptemplate where I run into similar issues. I can workaround the problem there by padding my content in a pn.Column and updating that but that doesn’t help me for the grid template.

Template objects cannot be updated once the template has been served. You can only update panel layouts once served. I think we should add some warnings telling users that changing the template after it has been served has no effect.

Thanks, that makes sense and I suspected I wasn’t supposed to change template objects as the main param on the FastGridTemplate has constant=True.

Suppose I would want a FastGrid where I can modify its contents/layout with code, how would I do that? By making a ReactiveHTML?

I suspect the closest you’ll get is by inserting a GridStack layout on template.main

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