Use of objects = syntax in Panel. When and why to use / not use it?

Hi everyone. Could anyone provide some guidance, or a link to info on the why, and the use of objects = notation in Panel? I was unable to find the answer in the documentation.

For example, why is there a difference between running pn.Row(widgets…) and pn.Row(objects=widgets), in a case where widgets is a Param list?

Also see this Discord thread on the subject: Discord thread: Update objects

@philippjfr kindly looked at the Bug I filed at his request, when I noticed that objects= worked with Row/Column layouts, but not with FlexBox. He has made a commit, so this now works / will work with FlexBox as well.

But I would still like understand the concept behind objects= , and when to use it and not use it.
Any insights greatly appreciated!

Would suggest reading these WIP docs:

Param: param/doc/user_guide/References.ipynb at 8c2760450c1326c2a9af58f90472c196b989c125 · holoviz/param · GitHub

Panel: panel/doc/explanation/api/ at 3600d25221a55b85360cb3028e685818f357d08b · holoviz/panel · GitHub

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